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What is a pre-birth or post-birth order?

Scientific and social advances have opened the door for many more people to become parents than ever before. Whenever gestational surrogacy is involved, however, it's important to learn everything you can about the legal options available. In particular, you should understand the difference between a pre-birth and post-birth order.

New York's continued refusal to allow surrogacy

If you are one of the many people across the United States who is supportive of the right for men and women to find their way to parenthood through alternative means, you would be happy to live in Connecticut. Yours is one of the many states in the country that has laws in place to support these efforts. Many an individual or a couple has experienced the joy of welcoming a new child into their lives because of this. Unfortunately, not every state has such laws.

What are benefits of a surrogacy agreement?

Couples in Connecticut working with a surrogate, and likewise, surrogates themselves, will find the state has many favorable conditions for them. For instance, surrogacy agreements are legal in the state. There are several benefits to negotiating this type of contract between the surrogate and intended parents.

What are the two different types of surrogacy arrangements?

As a prospective parent considering alternative reproduction in Connecticut, you may have heard different and confusing terms such as "surrogate" and "gestational carrier." Despite their often interchangeable use, there is a subtle difference between the two that represents a separate surrogacy arrangement.

What is in vitro fertilization?

Couples who are having difficulty conceiving a child in Connecticut may consider in vitro fertilization as an alternative reproduction method. According to the Mayo Clinic, in vitro fertilization involves joining egg and sperm outside the body in a laboratory and then implanting the fertilized embryo into either your uterus or that of a gestational carrier. If all goes well, you or the gestational carrier will carry the child to term and deliver a healthy baby. 

State encourages same-sex couples to adopt

It has been more than three full years now since the United States Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage across the nation. In that time, however, gay and lesbian couples have still encountered many challenges when it comes to finding ways to become parents and ways to establish legal parentage for both parents.

What is artificial insemination?

Connecticut residents have more options for starting a family these days than ever before. Between different types of artificial conception, parents of all sorts can have children much more easily than in the past. However, these new methods of conception also create legal questions, such as asking who the legal guardian of your child is.

Increase in parenthood for gay couples

Over the past couple of decades, gay and lesbian residents in Connecticut and around the nation have seen some improvements in their ability to live their lives fully. The legalization of same-sex marriage is just one example of this. While the changes may be slower than many would like, they are happening and now there are more gay and lesbian couples who are able to realize their dreams of having a family

Considerations for potential surrogate mothers

Many couples in Connecticut and around the country find themselves wanting to be parents but unable to have a baby in the way often referred to as "naturally." Sexual reproduction by a mother and a father is simply not always an option. Some couples struggle with infertility. Others are able to become pregnant, but complications preclude a successful outcome. Same-sex couples naturally need to consider other routes to parenthood. Regardless of the reason, hiring a surrogate is an option.

The financial challenges of alternative reproduction

There is hardly another life event as exciting as expanding a family. For same-sex couples in Connecticut, this might entail a number of options. Despite the increasing accessibility of various alternative reproductive plans, many couples still struggle to make ends meet. One reason for this challenge lies in the exorbitant costs that often come with these plans. 

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