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Representing Your Interests In Alimony Claims

Alimony, or spousal support, is a common component of many divorce decrees, particularly in cases involving significant assets. Whether you are seeking alimony or are being asked to pay spousal support, it is essential that you have experienced legal counsel in your corner to ensure that your interests are represented.

At Reich & Truax, PLLC, our attorneys are experienced with all facets of divorce proceedings, including those involving alimony issues. From our office in Southport, we represent individuals throughout Connecticut.

Spousal Support Factors

When it comes to determining the amount and length of alimony payments, a number of factors may be taken into consideration, including:

  • Length of the marriage
  • Health of the parties
  • Amount and sources of income
  • Earning capacity
  • Occupation, vocational skills and employability of each party
  • Needs and station in life
  • Needs for any caretaking of the minor child
  • Causes for the dissolution of marriage

While Connecticut is a no-fault state for the purposes of granting a dissolution, the fault issue may be considered for an alimony order as long as it is the cause for the dissolution of the marriage.

Length Of Payments

Alimony may be either permanent or established for a limited amount of time. The duration of the payment schedule must have a rational basis.

Modification And Enforcement

In many cases, it may be possible to modify alimony payments if either party’s circumstances have substantially changed, such as the loss of a job or a remarriage. It is possible to add a non-modifiable clause to a divorce agreement; however, such provisions should be made very carefully.

If you have been awarded spousal support but are not receiving payment, and your ex has not requested a modification, it may be possible to seek a contempt order from the court in order to compel payment.

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