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Considerations for potential surrogate mothers

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2018 | Alternative Reproduction |

Many couples in Connecticut and around the country find themselves wanting to be parents but unable to have a baby in the way often referred to as “naturally.” Sexual reproduction by a mother and a father is simply not always an option. Some couples struggle with infertility. Others are able to become pregnant, but complications preclude a successful outcome. Same-sex couples naturally need to consider other routes to parenthood. Regardless of the reason, hiring a surrogate is an option.

Women who are contemplating entering into a surrogate contract will want to think about several aspects of the relationship and experience before deciding if it is right for them. ConceiveAbilities acknowledges that while the good feeling that comes with helping someone have a child may be legitimate, potential surrogates need to be clear about the legal and contractual obligations of the experience as well.

The process requires a significant commitment of time, emotional energy and physical demands. Livestrong notes that the financial compensation for surrogates may be attractive to some women but that should not be the sole reason for becoming a surrogate. A woman must truly be able to give up a baby she has carried and given birth to as part of her contractual obligation to the hiring parents.

Also important for surrogates to be prepared for is an outcome less than desirable. A baby may have a birth defect. A complication could occur during labor. These are just some situations that cannot be prevented in totality. A strong legal agreement with a hiring couple will be important for any surrogate mother.


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