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Child Custody: Grandparents And Third-Party Visitation

On occasion, someone who has had a regular and continuing relationship with a child suddenly finds himself or herself ousted from the child’s life. This can occur when the child is in an intact family, during or following a divorce, following the death of a parent, or when a parent and a nonparent of a child who was previously in a romantic relationship split up. Adults who can be affected may include relatives, usually grandparents, or nonrelatives who nonetheless have had a longstanding relationship with the child. In certain circumstances, these individuals may be able to bring an action for continued contact with the child.

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Obtaining Visitation Rights As A Nonparent

In order to obtain visitation rights with a child over the objection of a fit parent, a nonparent must show that he or she has a parent-like relationship with the child, and that the blocking of contact between the child and this individual will cause real and significant harm to the child, akin to abuse or neglect. Once these allegations are proven, the individual seeking visitation must also demonstrate that the visitation is in the child’s best interests.

It is extremely difficult to obtain visitation rights as a nonparent. Those who stand the best chances for success are stepparents or relatives with whom the child lived for a period of time, and who provided regular and consistent unpaid care for the child.

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