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What are benefits of a surrogacy agreement?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2019 | Alternative Reproduction |

Couples in Connecticut working with a surrogate, and likewise, surrogates themselves, will find the state has many favorable conditions for them. For instance, surrogacy agreements are legal in the state. There are several benefits to negotiating this type of contract between the surrogate and intended parents.

One advantage is the ability to navigate social expectations between the surrogate and the future parents. mentions some items that can be hammered out in an agreement. Examples include deciding who will attend prenatal appointments and asking the surrogate to refrain from unhealthy habits.

Another important use of a surrogate contract is delineating the financial aspects of the arrangement. The agreement contains the surrogate’s compensation. Beyond that, the document can address financial responsibility for additional expenses that may arise, such as carrying multiple children.

The surrogacy agreement can provide an especially important benefit when the surrogate mother is married. In such cases, the parties are able to clarify that the surrogate’s spouse will not assert a claim of parental rights. Involving all parties in the contract, including the surrogate’s spouse, is a way to better ensure the process runs smoothly in this regard.

A surrogate agreement is essential for navigating the complexities of surrogacy. One major benefit is the ability to specify the social and financial details ahead of time. In situations involving a married surrogate, the contract is an opportunity to avoid parental rights issues. Overall, hashing out a surrogate agreement helps ensure a fair and smooth surrogacy experience and is well worth the effort.

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