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New York’s continued refusal to allow surrogacy

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2019 | Alternative Reproduction |

If you are one of the many people across the United States who is supportive of the right for men and women to find their way to parenthood through alternative means, you would be happy to live in Connecticut. Yours is one of the many states in the country that has laws in place to support these efforts. Many an individual or a couple has experienced the joy of welcoming a new child into their lives because of this. Unfortunately, not every state has such laws.

As explained by NBC News, New York has continued to be a holdout when it comes to granting these types of rights. It has led many would-be parents to let their dreams go unfulfilled or forced them to travel elsewhere to find a way to become a parent. This year, however, many  had high hopes that a bill called the Child-Parent Security Act was going to pass. This bill would have legalized gestational surrogacy.

AboveTheLaw reported that the bill had the support of the Governor and passed the State Senate. However, it failed to become law. In addition to legalizing surrogacy, the proposed bill would have eliminated the ability of a person who receives a donor’s sperm from attempting to collect child support from that donor. 

If you would like to learn more about how you may find your path to parenthood through alternative means, and how to protect yourself and your child, please feel free to visit the surrogacy and alternative reproductive rights page of our Connecticut family law website.


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