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Apps to help co-parents stay in touch with their kids

On Behalf of | Apr 9, 2024 | Child Custody & Support |

One of the toughest parts of most co-parenting arrangements is that parents generally get to spend less time with their kids than they’d prefer. Even if kids reside with one parent most of the time, being away from them when it is their other parent’s turn for parenting time can understandably result in sadness for time lost.

Thankfully, virtual visitation arrangements can help kids to remain connected with whichever parent is absent at any particular moment in time. Use of digital communication resources can extend beyond basic communication; they can foster shared experiences, help manage life’s logistics and better ensure that every family member feels included and informed. The following are some of the most popular apps and platforms that co-parenting families use when parents and kids want to stay in touch in between in-person parenting time periods.


This app offers more than just location sharing. Life360 allows families to create private groups where they can share their locations in real-time, send alerts and check in at specific locations, providing peace of mind to both parents and children.

Google Keep

Google Keep offers an easy-to-use platform for note-sharing, list-making and setting reminders. Co-parents and children can create shared to-do lists, such as homework assignments or packing lists for upcoming visits, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


WhatsApp provides a secure and user-friendly platform for text messages, voice calls and video calls. It’s an excellent tool for co-parents and children to share daily updates, photos and special moments.


Specifically designed for sharing family moments, Tweekaboo provides a safe, private space for co-parents and children to store and share photos and videos. It acts as a digital scrapbook where families can document important milestones, everyday moments and special occasions.

These apps are just some of the digital tools available to help co-parents navigate the challenges of staying connected with their children. By leveraging these technologies, families can better ensure that distance does not dilute the strength of their relationships.

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