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Divorce And Legal Separation: Automatic Orders

There are automatic orders in Connecticut which apply in each case. These automatic orders are enforceable against the plaintiff upon the signing of the complaint and against the defendant when he or she receives service of the complaint. In every case, the automatic orders apply unless the other party provides written consent or there is a court order. Failure to adhere to the automatic orders may result in a contempt finding or sanctions.

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All Cases

The automatic orders which apply in all cases are:

  • Except to pay the reasonable and usual household bills, reasonable counsel fees and transactions in the usual course of business, neither party may dispose of property nor encumber an asset.
  • Neither party may conceal the property.
  • Neither party may convert a joint asset to a sole asset.
  • Neither party will incur unreasonable debts.
  • The existing medical, hospital and dental coverage and those receiving coverage shall be maintained.
  • All existing insurance policies shall be maintained, and neither party shall be removed from coverage or as a beneficiary.
  • Parties who are living together may not deny the other use of the home.

Cases Involving Children

In cases where there are minor children, the following additional automatic orders apply:

  • The children may not be permanently removed from the home without court approval or the consent of the other party.
  • A party vacating the home shall notify the other of his or her new address within 48 hours.
  • Children shall have contact with parents who live apart consistent with the habits and past practices of the family.
  • The existing medical, hospital and dental coverage shall be maintained for the children.
  • The parties shall participate in parenting education within 60 days from the return date.
  • Prior court orders contrary to the automatic orders are not replaced by the automatic orders.

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