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Guiding You Through The Divorce Process

When a marriage has come to an end, it is important to seek assistance from knowledgeable legal counsel who understands what you are going through. At Reich & Truax, PLLC, our attorneys have extensive experience handling all types of divorce cases, including cases involving significant assets.

Whether you are able to reach an agreement through mediation or require help from someone with the trial skills to guide you through litigation, our team of lawyers is here for you. From our office in Southport, we provide family law representation to people throughout Connecticut.

Grounds For Divorce

In Connecticut, a dissolution of marriage may be granted on the no-fault ground of irretrievable breakdown. Traditional fault grounds, such as adultery and intolerable cruelty, are available to obtain a dissolution but are rarely used. Once a divorce agreement has been finalized, either through mediation or through the courts, the parties will be considered to be single and unmarried.

Legal Separation

In a legal separation, the parties will go through the divorce process. However, at the end of the process they will be considered to be legally separated. It is important to note that living in separate homes is not the same as being legally separated in the eyes of the law.

The main difference between a legal separation and a divorce is that the legally separated parties are not free to remarry until the legal separation has been converted into dissolution of marriage.

If the parties have not resumed marital relations, this can be accomplished by a summary proceeding. If marital relations were resumed, dissolution of marriage action must be filed with the court. The court will review any financial orders in place when the parties move for a dissolution and may order changes before the divorce is finalized.

Why Seek A Legal Separation Instead Of A Divorce?

Parties may seek a legal separation instead of a divorce when medical benefits of the employed spouse are available to legally separated spouses. Another reason people may wish to pursue a legal separation is for religious reasons.

Whether you are going through a divorce or wish to be legally separated, we can help protect your interests and serve as your guides every step of the way. We always make the time to answer your questions and help address your concerns.

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