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What is a QDRO?

Like many in Southport, you may find it hard to understand the notion of your 401k being an asset that is subject to property division. After all, your account is any available through your employer and is typically supported solely by your income (as well as any matching funds offered by your employer). Why, then, would it be considered a marital asset? Think of it along the same lines as your earned income. Whatever you made while married is marital income, and given that your contributions to your 401k came from that income, it makes more then as to why its viewed this way. 

Understanding child custody laws

As countless Connecticut residents going through divorce are aware, the process can present seemingly endless obstacles. This is especially true for ex-spouses with children. While a child's best interest is generally top priority in child custody arrangements, the details of these laws can vary from state to state.


Mediation is quickly becoming a preferred method for resolving family court cases. Most family law matters cannot be resolved with a simple answer. Unfortunately, many times when you litigate, you receive an order that doesn't actually address all of your underlying issues presented to the court. Your case deserves proper time and attention. In order to effectively work through problems everyone involved must be willing to dedicate the effort necessary to reach the best resolution possible. A courtroom cannot always provide this to people. Even with an attorney by your side in court, many times the courtroom experience is not pleasant. Courthouses are overpopulated and are overscheduled. Often times people wonder if there is a better way. There is. Mediation is an alternative to the litigation process that aids in negotiation and settlement, keeps parties' goals at the forefront of the process, and allows parties to move through the court system with more efficiency than traditional litigation.

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