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Why you should avoid social media during your divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2023 | Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

Some people going through a divorce use social media to express their feelings or seek support from people in online communities in similar situations. The use of social media during a divorce is widely discouraged, as it can affect the outcome and someone’s response to the process.

This guide discusses how social media can negatively affect you during your divorce:

Trigger conflicts

If your spouse posts pictures that make you believe they are having a great time or vice versa, it may result in negative emotions such as jealousy that increase the chances of conflicts and hinder the divorce process. 

Trigger feelings of inadequacy and sadness 

Going through a divorce is painful. Seeing photos of people with seemingly perfect marriages may make you sadder about your own. You might start to blame yourself and feel as if you must have done something wrong for the marriage not to have worked.

Unknowingly provide evidence against you

Even an innocent post can be misinterpreted into something that negatively impacts you. Your posts may be used as evidence against you by your spouse and their team. For example, if you post about your vacations and new purchases, your spouse may claim you have more money than you are admitting to. They may use it to argue that you don’t need the support or settlement you are asking for, or that you can afford to give them more.

Taking a break from social media during your divorce can help protect you during this challenging time. So can taking legal guidance to learn more about divorce dos and don’ts.

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