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Marriage annulled after Connecticut woman claims fraud

On Behalf of | Feb 27, 2020 | Property Division |

Marriage is possibly humanity’s oldest institution and considered sacred across many cultures. But the fact that many marriages end in divorce shows that individual rights are still just as important. This is especially true if spouses are trying to make off with the riches of a relationship.

A woman in Connecticut is suing a man who married her, claiming that the marriage was predicated on fraud. Specifically, the plaintiff believes her former husband had the desire to make off with money and jewelry attached to the wedding. The suit was brought in bankruptcy court as the woman hoped to prevent him from avoiding his debts.

The woman attempted to annul her marriage last year, based on her husband’s apparent motive. Her suit claims he engaged in the relationship simply for immigration benefits in the United States compared to his native India.

The marriage was arranged by the parents of both people and the woman’s family paid a dowry along with wedding jewelry, which was left with the husband. He then attempted to end the marriage based on an irretrievable breakdown and sought alimony payments from the woman.

A judge nullified the marriage process based on apparent fraud and demanded restitution from the man. He may also have to pay much of the legal bills for both the annulment proceeding and the bankruptcy.

People seeking to reclaim or retain property at the end of a marriage may seek a similar result with the help of an attorney. Legal representation can be vital to a successful division of property during divorce or annulment.

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