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Connecticut judge considers new child custody expert rules

On Behalf of | Feb 11, 2020 | Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

Divorces can get messy, especially when they involved children. People always want the best for the children, and parents often want the maximum amount of time with them. Courts often get involved when spouses cannot agree on how to share the privileges and responsibilities of parenthood after a separation or divorce.

A judge who served on Connecticut family courts has recommended a few changes to the way courts consider expert testimony in child custody cases. Her proposal for simplicity and transparency comes on the heels of a divorce case she dismissed after a criminal case involving the wife’s disappearance ended with the apparent suicide of the husband.

The judge wants future jurists to know how much experts are paid for their work and appearance in court, as well as how they are paid by one or both spouses involved. Experts’ professional credentials would be easier to inspect and they would have a one-month deadline on reports to the court.

A committee rules on the regulations that judges can use in child custody cases. The judge recommending the changes is concerned that an expert’s report meant for the court was circulated among attorneys and their clients in a way that may have been inappropriate and added to the problems around the case.

Parents who need to work through child custody issues, especially if they are in any sort of dispute with other stakeholders, may consider the help of legal representation. An attorney can help file child custody plans and legal motions, as well as represent a parent’s interests in court appearances.

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