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3 ways to prepare for a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

So you’ve decided to tell your spouse you want a divorce. Before you go any further it may be wise to do some preparation. The chaos of announcing you want a divorce could make clear thinking time harder to come by so it is useful to get a head start now.

Here are some of the areas to start thinking about and acting on:

1. Financial preparation

Do you have enough money to get divorced? It’s something you need to know the answer to as some people don’t, or at least divorcing immediately would make things very difficult for them financially.

It may be better to delay your divorce while you work on putting some extra money away to cover the costs you will encounter such as legal and court fees and possibly separate housing.

Even if you have enough money, you need to be sure you will be able to access it. Some people try to cut their spouses off from funds when they ask for a divorce. While that is illegal, it could still take time to resolve and make life difficult for you.

2. Mental preparation

You will need to be strong through the divorce, especially if your spouse usually gets their own way around you. Letting some close friends or family know your intentions can help you gather your support close so that you have it when you need it.

3. Educational preparation

You may need to read up to learn more about how the divorce process works, as it may be very different from what you expect. You might also want to seek early legal guidance from someone who can explain it all to you.


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