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3 questions to ask when making a parenting plan

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2022 | Child Custody & Support |

You and your ex-spouse may not agree on a lot, but you do agree that the well-being of your child is more important than anything else. 

That’s why you’re taking crucial steps to create a well-planned child custody agreement. Here are three critical questions you don’t want to overlook as you craft the parenting plan:

1. Where will your child go to school?

When parents divorce, one or both parents may have to move, causing your child to transfer to a different school. However, if there are different schools available to you and your ex, then you may need to agree upon which school your child will attend.

2. Will your child attend church or other religious gatherings?

Parents frequently have different religious views and that can affect how a child is raised. You and your ex-spouse may have different preferences. That needs to be addressed in the parenting plan to avoid conflicts, whether that means exposing the children to both religions, just one or neither.

3. What type of diet does your child need?

Does your child have to adhere to a limited diet or has an extreme allergy? Maybe your ex-spouse knows this, but to be sure your child’s health is protected, you may need to make it clear in the custody order what sort of dietary restrictions need to be observed. This may also be true if your child is being raised in a religion that’s different from that of your ex-spouse.

Parenting may have been difficult when you were married, but a co-parenting plan doesn’t have to be when you know the right questions to ask. You may need to reach out for legal help when planning out a child custody agreement.

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