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Top 5 reasons why couples divorce

On Behalf of | May 2, 2022 | Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

You want to believe that your marriage is invulnerable to divorce. But is it really? Certainly, there can be no guarantees that you can go the distance as a couple. But there are some indicators that your marriage could be in jeopardy.

One Midwestern family law attorney and author weighs in on the top reasons his clients get divorced.

1. Cheating

There are many reasons that spouses step out of their marriages and cheat even though these breaches can be fatal to their relationships. This attorney, however, opined that sometimes it is the act of infidelity that lays bare the deep fissures in the marriage.

2. Falling out of love

Marriage is not a cakewalk. Spouses don’t always contribute 50% of the effort required to hold their marriage together. Sometimes it might be 60/40. Or even 80/20 during particularly rough spots.

If you notice your spouse appears to be drifting away, you can decide to let them drift or close the widening gap between you.

3. Values are too far apart

Some couples who have different religious backgrounds, political ideations and value systems can manage to find enough common ground and love to go the distance. But for many others, these differences are just too challenging to overcome.

4. Mental illnesses

Living with a mentally ill spouse is emotionally, psychologically and financially draining. Some partners reach that tipping point where they can go no further.

5. Alcohol and drug addiction

Being married to an alcoholic or drug-addicted spouse who is not actively pursuing recovery can be nightmarish. If minor children are involved, it can be best to end the marriage to protect the kids from their other parent’s erratic or abusive behavior.

If you are contemplating divorce, learning about your rights under the law is the first step to leaving your marriage.

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