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Divorces with children come with special considerations

| Sep 15, 2021 | Child Custody & Support |

Ending a marriage is often a tumultuous event, especially when you’re dealing with a high-conflict split. For some who go through a divorce, the primary thought is to be done with their ex. That’s not at all how it happens for divorcees who share children

If you have children with your ex, you’re still going to have to work with them to parent the kids. This might not be ideal, but you’ll have to learn how to get along for the sake of the children. Remembering these points might make things a bit easier for you. 

Adjust on parenting

It’s easy to become focused on the past and what led to the marriage breaking up. This might lead you to think about all the negative things your ex did while you were married. However, you have to remember that someone who was a horrible spouse can still be an amazing parent. Thinking about how your ex interacts with the kids might make it easier to co-parent. 

Keep conflicts private

Children will often worry that their parents are going to bicker during important events. Try to only discuss contentious matters when you and your ex are away from the children. You shouldn’t ever discuss these matters at events you and your ex are attending for the children. 

Going through a divorce when you have children means that you can’t only focus on the spilt. Instead, you need to think carefully about how each decision impacts the kids. Working out the terms of the parenting plan early after the split allows your children to adjust to the new way of life.

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