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What documents may help parents in child custody hearings?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2021 | Child Custody & Support |

Child custody cases could become more drawn-out and involved than either parent wishes. Achieving a favorable outcome in Connecticut family courts involves making statements as well as providing evidence that could help the cause, and there are several documents that petitioning parents may need to present. The documents may sway the court to award custody to the responsible parent who is best capable of caring for a child.

Documenting time spent together could have value

How strong is the relationship between the parent and the child? That question may become an important one in court, and proof of contact and interactions might help a judge make a determination. When there’s a good relationship, a parent might present proof of consistent contact with a child. Phone call logs, text messages, chat transcripts and emails could reveal information about the contact. The frequency might mean something as well. Daily communications may show better contact than once a week.

In-person visitations might also reveal information about parent-child contact. Routine, positive visits may show that the interactions between the parent and child seem to go well.

The child’s health and well-being

The courts could be interested in reviewing school attendance records and grades. Information about hobbies and after-school activities, along with documents related to medical and dental visits, might be necessary. Ultimately, the court may investigate whether the child receives adequate care and has a healthy home life.

The child might undergo a court-ordered evaluation from a social worker or mental health counselor. Such a professional could provide insights into the child’s well-being. If there’s abuse or mistreatment, a counselor may uncover it.

Child custody documents and evidence may benefit from being thorough, organized and professionally presented. A divorce attorney may assist clients with putting together and submitting the necessary items at a custody hearing.

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