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How might you lose custody of your child?

On Behalf of | Dec 3, 2020 | Child Custody & Support |

Not every parent in Connecticut is fit to raise a child. If the court deems an individual an unfit parent, that person might be looking at serious consequences. An unfit parent could lose child custody and visitation rights, have their parental rights terminated or have their child taken away and placed in the adoption system. Here’s how a person could lose custody if they’re deemed an unfit parent.

How can someone be deemed an unfit parent?

Once a divorce is finalized, one parent typically receives custody. However, this doesn’t mean that custody can’t be revoked. If the parent abuses the child physically, emotionally or sexually, neglects their physical and emotional needs, or abandons them altogether, they could lose their parenting privileges. The court may deem them to be an unfit parent if they see evidence that abuse has taken place.

What happens when someone is deemed an unfit parent?

When this happens, the parent typically loses custody. They could also lose their visitation rights if they don’t have custody of the child. The child might be housed with their other parent or placed in the foster system if the other parent is also abusive. They could be adopted by another family member or an unrelated third party. In severe cases, the abusive parent might have their parental rights terminated, which means they have no legal claim over the child and cannot make decisions on their behalf.

What can you do if you suspect that your former spouse is an unfit parent?

If you believe that your child’s mother or father is an unfit parent, you may want to hire an attorney and start building a case against them. You’ll have to prove to the court that this individual is abusive or neglectful to their child and doesn’t deserve custody or visitation rights.

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