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How do couples in push each other away during their marriage?

On Behalf of | Oct 13, 2020 | Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

While divorce can seem like it came out of nowhere, it was usually preceded by months or years of the couple gradually pushing each other away. People can become angry or resentful of their partner, and instead of talking to them about the issue directly, they expect their partner to change on their own and get frustrated when they don’t. As a result, countless marriages in Connecticut and throughout the country fall apart due to lack of communication.

How do couples push each other away over time?

A marriage might be doomed for divorce if a couple starts working against each other. Instead of communicating their issues with each other, they assume that their partner is deliberately trying to antagonize them when they do something they don’t like. They start working against their partner to get back at them, and the conflict escalates until they’ve finally had enough of each other.

Couples can also push each other away by spending less time together. While everyone needs time to themselves once in a while, some couples prefer to alienate each other instead of talking about the issues that are poisoning their marriage. They see each other less often, and the relationship starts to dissolve. By this point, many people start thinking about how great it would be if they were single. They might begin fantasizing about leaving their partner for another person, which can lead to an affair.

Where can an individual find assistance with divorce?

If an individual finally realizes that their marriage can’t be salvaged, they might decide that it’s time to file for divorce. However, divorce can be a complex and lengthy process, particularly if the couple has children involved. Hiring a family law attorney may make the process easier and help both people divide up their assets and move on with their lives.

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