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Notify the state when having child support problems

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2020 | Child Custody & Support |

Connecticut parents who are ordered to pay child support may run into financial difficulties at times that can make it difficult to meet their monthly obligations. However, they cannot simply stop paying child support because that can get them into trouble with the court. Here is what someone can do when they are having problems paying.

The first thing that someone should do is contact the child support enforcement office to inform them of the problems that they are having. The purpose is to let the state know that the failure to pay in full was due to difficult circumstances as opposed to something less acceptable. The next step would be to file a motion with the court to modify child support. One will want to do this as soon as possible to keep the amount they are in arrears from increasing.

The court may lower the child support due if the inability to pay in full results from a lower income or higher obligations. Child support is generally based on income, but some type of financial difficulties are considered. One needs to go through the court to get this modification. Trying to arrange a verbal agreement with the other parent is ineffective and could still leave the paying parent exposed to potential contempt of court charges because the agreement is not binding or enforceable.

One can consult a child custody and support modifications attorney to learn more about how this process works. The failure to pay child support can result in harsh punishment such as wage garnishment regardless of the reason why the parent has not paid. Therefore, it is important to take prompt legal actions as soon as one realizes that they cannot pay child support. The state takes these obligations very seriously, and they would not know the circumstances unless they were informed.

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