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Actions to avoid during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Blog, Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

People who are going through a divorce may be feeling a number of negative emotions, including anger. However, they should make sure that they do not act on those emotions. Both parties have rights in a divorce, but violating the rights of the other spouse can be a sure path to losing ground in divorce negotiations. It is important to understand Connecticut law, but there are some general ground rules that people should follow no matter what state they file for divorce in.

As an act of revenge, some people might be tempted to clean out a shared account or run up a bill on a spouse’s credit account. Some might even destroy the property of the other individual. None of these actions are permitted by law. There are also situations in which people try to hide assets. These can be discovered by forensic accountants, and there could be a price to pay in divorce court.

Parents should not hide children or move away with them without permission. There may be situations in which a person with or without children needs to file a restraining order against a spouse for safety reasons. People who are in this situation may want to talk to an attorney about how best to proceed. Spouses should not harass one another or violate court orders.

While some couples can resolve conflicts and reach a divorce agreement regarding property division and child custody through negotiation, there may be divorces that involve some of the above actions in which negotiation is not possible. For example, a parent who accuses the other parent of abuse may want to gather documentation, such as police or medical reports. In some situations, a parent may not be permitted to have contact with children. Other parents may only be allowed supervised visitation, which involves a third party being present to ensure the child’s safety.

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