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Keeping up a job during a divorce

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2020 | Blog, Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

In a Connecticut divorce, the mechanics of the process are not the only thing with which one needs to concern themselves. If they are employed, they must continue to do their job with skill. If not, they could be at risk of losing their job during an already difficult time.

One of the things that an employee should do at the outset of the divorce is to sit down with their boss and explain their circumstances. Some people hesitate because they are either afraid of their boss or do not have a close relationship, but this is a necessity for self-protection. The supervisor could at least have some perspective on their employee’s performance when they consider discipline or a performance review. If management chooses to offer formal or informal support, the employee should accept it. However, employees must be careful about confiding in too many coworkers given people’s tendency to gossip at work.

The best way to handle work during this time is to perform as if nothing is going on outside of the office. While this is difficult, adopting a spirit or healing and forgiveness and not dwelling on the bitterness of the divorce can help someone move on more quickly. One thing that they should not do is become addicted to work to fill the other holes in their life. This distracts from the real work that needs to be done.

One way for a person to stay above the fray during a divorce is to hire a divorce attorney. This will keep them from having some direct involvement in some of the battles that couples have. The extra bandwidth could allow them to focus on things like work or moving forward with the rest of their life. Some separation from the situation can be helpful in the short run.

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