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Preserving sanity in a divorce

On Behalf of | May 20, 2020 | Blog, Divorce & High Asset Divorce |

When a divorce is stuck in the Connecticut court system, it is an all-encompassing event for the parties involved. However, it does not have to be this way. People should be proactive about taking care of themselves during the divorce, and this goes beyond just fighting the legal battles involved.

Having someone to talk to during the divorce helps get out the negative emotions and sentiments. A support network can dispense advice as necessary and may even be able to talk someone out of their more extreme ideas. One of these unnecessary thoughts is the instinct to blame oneself for the divorce. It is simply not the time to do so when the divorce is still being fought. Also, parents should take care to leave the children out of the details of what is happening. Trying to turn them against the other parent can backfire and cause hostilities to increase.

Staying active is also another major part of remaining sane during the divorce. The worst thing to do is to stay home and remain trapped in negative thoughts. Instead, individuals should try to get out of the home and do things like hobbies and activities. Also, they should make sure to keep up physical appearance during this time. Letting go can have negative ramifications for self-confidence and day-to-day emotions.

Hiring a divorce lawyer may help someone maintain their sanity during the divorce by taking things off their plate. This will liberate some of their emotional energy to devote to their own care. Leaving the details of the divorce to someone else can also help them think objectively about what should happen in the split. The lawyer may be able to give objective advice about realistic solutions to some of the issues in the divorce.

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