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Helping a child adjust to shared custody

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2019 | Child Custody & Support |

Coming to an agreement on custody arrangements is not always easy for both parents. Many custody battles wind up in family court, where the judge makes the decision as to who will have custody of the child. Once an agreement is in place, both parents must stick to it, even if it involves shared custody. Today, we will explain how you can help your child adjust to shared custody.

Shared custody is all about your child, not you or your spouse. The divorce was about you and your spouse. Now it’s time to focus your energy on your child. Be sure that their questions are answered honestly, that they are loved, that they are comfortable in both homes and more.

Create a custody schedule that works for your child. Make sure it takes into consideration their school schedule, their activity schedule, their wants and needs, your work schedule and more.

Do your best to avoid confrontation with your former spouse in front of your child. They endured enough through the divorce process. Hide your anger and only communicate with the other parent if you can do so without fighting.

Never make your child the go-between for you and the other parent. Putting your child in the middle of your relationship will only hurt them. Do not ask them to relay messages or to find out information about their other parent.

Helping your child adjust to a shared custody arrangement does not have to be challenging. Simply follow the tips outlined in this post and your child should be able to ease into the new living situation.

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