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Managing back-to-school after a divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 10, 2019 | Child Custody & Support |

The end of summer can often be a busy time for families in Connecticut who have school-aged children. People may try to fit in the last of the summer fun activities while also needing to get prepared for that eventual first day of school. For parents who are separated or divorced, there is also the need to figure out how they will navigate purchases of back-to-school materials and a changing schedule with a former partner. 

Coparenting is rarely easy but it seems that a parent’s ability to do this well is put to the test when this time of year rolls around. PsychCentral recommends that divorced or separated parents make their plans for how they will split costs and time with their kids without putting the kids in the middle. Developing a school-year schedule should also entail making plans for unexpected events like school closures due to inclement weather or a child’s illness that necessitates them to stay home on a school day.

Once a schedule and agreements have been made, it is important for both the kids and their teachers to be informed about the appropriate details. Lifehacker recommends that moms and dads request meetings with the teachers before the school year gets fully underway. These meetings should clarify modes of communication that ensure all parties are appropriately informed about important information and dates. 

When and where possible, moms and dads are encouraged to develop and implement routines that are consistent at both homes so that kids enjoy the security that a stable routine offers them.

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