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The basics of stepparent adoption

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2019 | Family Law |

When people marry someone with children in Connecticut, they usually take on a new role as a stepparent. Because they will have a parental role, some people may want to adopt their spouse’s children. Before stepparents decide that adoption is the right path for their family, it is a good idea for them to consider the fine details of the process.

There are many reasons adoption may be a good idea for blended families. Considering Adoption says that adoption can allow people to act as legal parents for their stepchildren. This can be helpful if a stepparent needs to make medical decisions for one of the kids, for example. Sometimes adoption can also ensure that a health insurance plan covers the stepkids. However, it is important for people to understand that the children’s other birth parent may have to give up parental rights. In this situation, the other parent usually needs to give his or her consent for the adoption to take place. 

When stepparents adopt their stepchildren, they may sometimes need to undergo a background check, and some families may also have to let the court do a home study. A court typically uses these measures to make sure the adoption is a good idea for the entire family. If children are adolescents, a stepparent may sometimes need their consent before the adoption can occur. 

It is a good idea for stepparents to discuss adoption with the children early on. says that sometimes children may not be comfortable with adoption so soon after the marriage. Some kids may need time to get used to the idea. Some stepparents may want to make sure the entire family is ready for this step in their relationship before they begin the adoption process.

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