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Typical divorce timeline in Connecticut

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Everyone’s divorce is different. Some people will have a fairly difficult divorce while other divorces will be far more amicable. In one particular case, a Connecticut couple still got along 20 years after the divorce to the point where the woman donated her kidney to her ex-husband. 

While your divorce may differ significantly, there is one thing you can be fairly confident will be the same: the timeline. In general, here are the major points of any divorce.

File the paperwork

First, you will need to submit a Divorce Complaint with the state. This will require you to fill out basic information, such as both names and the date of the marriage, as well as the reason for divorce.

Submit a summons

In Connecticut, you must send in a summons to accompany the initial paperwork. This will inform the other spouse of your intentions to divorce.

Pay the fee

Connecticut requires divorcing couples to pay a $350 filing fee. Additional fees may be present, but this first fee will allow you to send out the summons.

Receive court orders

Once the case is officially open, specific court orders will go into effect. At this point, neither spouse can sell or mortgage property. Neither one can rack up unreasonable debt or modify the terms of insurance policies.

Gather evidence

For the time prior to the court date, both spouses and their legal teams will collect evidence to present in court. This evidence should be relevant to who should receive primary custody of any children shared between the two. 


Both spouses should also use this time to negotiate with both of their legal teams present. Couples who can agree on more terms prior to the court date can expect a faster divorce process. In the event the couple cannot negotiate on everything, then the case will go to trial. 

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