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Coronavirus And How It Impacts Your Case Or Your Potential Case

As a result of the coronavirus, the Connecticut Superior Court, commencing March 16, is operating with a skeletal staff and only hearing matters that are designated as Priority 1. Such family court matters include, restraining orders, protective orders, and emergency motions for custody. All other matters will not be heard.

Any matter which is or was scheduled starting March 16th and until such time as the court resumes normal operations, will need to be rescheduled. At this time, we do not have any guidance from the courts as to how that rescheduling will be handled. Likely, the court will schedule first matters which it considers to be a priority, such as custody matters and cases that were currently on trial, while other cases, such as post judgment modifications, will be scheduled sometime thereafter.

With new guidance from the Governor, we are able to notarize or have an attorney take acknowledgements on legal documents. This must be done in a manner that is video recorded, and we have the ability to do that.

What this means for you

Even though courts are hearing only Priority 1 cases, your matter can continue to proceed towards resolution. We must remember that approximately 95% of all cases resolve without the need for the court to render a decision. Thus, there is little to no change in what we are doing on a daily basis in terms of tending to your matter. The luxury (since we need to find a silver lining) is that we are more available now without court appearances.

How our office is handling social distancing

We have people in our firm who are working in the office as well as remotely. Those working remotely have full access to everything in the office. There are some of us who have worked remotely for extended periods of time prior to this pandemic and it has always been seamless.

We are not, however, having any clients come to the office. Rather, we are working with clients through video conferencing and phone.

We have set up video conferencing accounts on Cisco WebEx for each attorney and paralegal in the firm to use to communicate with our clients. It is through the video conferencing that we can notarize or have attorney’s take an acknowledgement on legal documents. We can walk you through that process if you need this service.

In addition, the best way to contact us by phone is to use our individual direct dial numbers. If by some chance we are not in the office or stepped away from our desk, leave a voice mail message; it goes to our e-mail so we will be sure to get it. Here are our direct dial numbers and e-mail addresses:

Veronica Reich – 203-307-2506 – [email protected]

Louise Truax – 203-307-2480 – [email protected]

Daniel Roberts – 203-307-2516 – [email protected]

Mary Surette – 203-3072540 – [email protected]

Leslie Jennings-Lax – 203-307-2552 – [email protected]

Marissa Hernandez – 203-307-2564 – [email protected]

Michelle Zulawski – 203-307-2592 – [email protected]

Linda Cino – 203-307-2616 – [email protected]

Bernadette Iadarola – 203-307-2562 – [email protected]