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Important documents to have for a child custody case

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Child Custody & Support |

Any legal situation where children are involved can be stressful and emotional. This includes child custody cases. 

If you want the best chance of a favorable outcome for your child custody case, it’s important to prepare. Part of this preparation is gathering important documents related to the case and your situation. Having the right documents ready to present in court will help prove your side of the situation and give you leverage for the outcome of the case. 

Information about your child or children and their well-being

The court wants to keep the child’s best interests in mind during a child custody case. Part of this is ensuring the parent with custody ensures the child will attend school regularly and remain healthy. 

Your child’s attendance records, grades, information about after-school activities and visits to the doctor can be valuable evidence. Courts want to ensure the child receives proper care and has a healthy life at home. 

Communication records

It’s important to show that you put effort into communicating with your child. This can be shown with phone records, visitation schedules, and personal documentation of when you visit and what you do with your children. This is particularly important if you have moved out of the house where they live but are trying to receive custody. 

At-home evaluations

Sometimes, the court will order an evaluation by a social worker of the home environment the child is in. This will usually be required for both parents if you are fighting for custody. This documentation can also work in your favor. 

Helping achieve a positive outcome in your child custody case

Child custody can be a difficult topic; however, having the right documentation and preparing for the court case will help you with this. 

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