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Connecticut offers hope to gay would-be parents

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2018 | Alternative Reproduction |

People in Connecticut who are gay or lesbianand who want to start a family like their heterosexual counterparts know that their road to parenthood may be long and arduous. However, the desire to enjoy this part of life is understandable and many have found ways to do this successfully.

In fact, it appears that more people in gay or lesbian relationships and marriages have been able to become parents in Connecticut in large part thanks to the state’s support of such endeavors. At one clinic near Norwalk a doctor who works at the clinic indicated that in just a few years the percent of gay and lesbian parents there has increased roughly 80 percent. A hospital in Greenwich where helping lesbian couples give birth has been ongoing is now also more recently known as a safe and loving place for gay men to bring their children into the world.

The hospital provides baby training for expectant dads and help for their surrogates. With neighboring New York and New Jersey not as open to such situations, more people are finding Connecticut a place for them to start their families. This certainly does not mean that becoming a parent is easy or affordable for same-sex couples, however. Costs must be incurred to legally ensure parental rights for both partners and more.

Same-sex couples interested in having surrogates carry and give birth to their children may want to reach out to a Connecticut attorney with experience helping others through this process.

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