Resolving Disputes Through Our Mediation Services

Mediation is a process where parties attempt to resolve their family law issues with aid of a neutral party and without court intervention. It enables parties to reach their own agreements, while taking into account each person's needs and interests. In divorce or custody situations, mediation can help maintain the family's integrity, and helps individuals move forward with their lives in a civil and respectful manner.

At the law firm of Reich & Truax, PLLC, our attorneys provide mediation services in family law matters. We can help determine if this is the right option for your situation. From our Southport office, we serve clients throughout Connecticut.

Entering Into Mediation

Parties can enter mediation either before or after an action such as a divorce proceeding, commences. Many parties choose mediation from the beginning, although others may seek help after an action has commenced, with the assistance of their legal counsel, in order to stop further litigation.

Trained Mediators

Although Connecticut has no formal requirements for the practice of mediation in private settings, it is helpful to choose a mediator who has formalized training or certification. Some mediators in our office have been trained for certification through the state of Florida Supreme Court mediation program, while others have taken local training. Florida is one of the states that requires certification, and has extensive rules and regulations with respect to mediators and mediation, including mandatory continuing mediation education.

The Mediation Process

At the outset, the mediator in our office will meet with the parties for a brief session to ensure that they are appropriate candidates for a mediated settlement. If all parties agree to proceed with mediation, we will then discuss the discovery and financial documents to be provided during the mediation process for full and accurate disclosure. It is only with full disclosure that a fair and equitable agreement can be reached between the parties with the help of the mediator.

It is important to note that mediators do not represent either party in the mediation process, but instead act as a neutral intended to help the parties through the process to help them reach an agreement on their own. The mediator will not file court papers nor appear in court on either party's behalf.

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